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RRD Wave Cult LTD Y26


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  • Innovative Mono-Tri-V bottom shape for a superior grip and speed in turns
  • Swallow tail with wingers to add control and looseness in turns
  • Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck and glass bottom, a light feel and strong impact resistance
  • All the boards come with 5 fin slot boxes to be able to switch from Thruster to Quad set

Product Description

We open a new era ! The CULT Y26 is an innovative waveboard concept with unmatched performance in all conditions , due to a completely new bottom shape idea. Speed on turns like never before , you will be able to catch more waves and shred on them like a PRO, a real step forward in the shaping of wave boards. 4 sizes to cover all needs, from the smallest 74 to the 94 for heavier riders. The compact shape eases manoeuvrability on waves as well as a feeling of control in turns and in the air. The innovation lies in the Mono-Tri-V bottom shape which gives unrivalled levels of speed, drive and grip. Straight lines through the outline together with a swallow tail with wingers magically make the board loose and manoeuvrable. The CULT can be used with both a trifin and a quad set for huge tuning potential.
Take it, use it and abuse it, you won’t be able to go back.


Exclusively fitted with the latest developed K4 high performance fins. K4 fins are unique to windsurfing as they are made using a high grade composite engineering polymer with a maximum fill of long strand fibres. The SCORCHER and the SHARK 2 are the latest developed K4 center and side fins. They perform exceptionally in terms of flex, reflex and resilience to damage. Compared to standard G-10 fins these fins are lighter and have a superior reflex memory.

68L218×543.0 – 4.75.8kg +/-5%
74L220×563.3 – 5.06.1kg +/-5%
82L222×57.53.7 – 5.46.4kg +/-5%
92L222×57.54.0 – 5.66.7kg +/-5%
104L225×634.5 – 6.06.9kg +/-5%
114L226×664.7 – 6.37.15kg +/-5%

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