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Severne Alien HD V1


(2 customer reviews)

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  • Purely designed as a windsurf foil board
  • Designed for enjoyment over scary performance
  • Matched with the Severne Redwing Foil – Foiling is Easy and enjoyable

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Product Description

The Alien HD development program was initiated when the disappointment of bolting a hydrofoil to a normal windsurf board was realised. By analysing and gaining a deep understanding of the new variables that foiling introduced, we saw that specific foil-oriented equipment was required to elevate the experience to a true windsurfing sensation; blasting in control and carving turns rather than balanced on top, nervously trimming.

The differences between the Alien HD and a normal freeride are many; shape, length, rocker, stance, pretty much everything. But this new geometry works in conjunction with the foil and rig to deliver balance, and a new windsurfing world to any competent windsurfer. It opens up more locations to windsurf, and can double or triple your days on the water.

Stable enough for your first flights, the Alien HD has the considered details to deliver performance so as not to be outgrown.

105190 cm65 cmDeep tuttle foil boxFreek 4.0 to 5.6 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 6.07.2 kg< 85 kg
115200 cm70 cmDeep tuttle foil boxFreek 4.4 to 5.9 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 7.07.3 kg< 95 kg
125210 cm75 cmDeep tuttle foil boxFreek 4.8 to 6.3 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 7.07.6 kg< 110 kg
Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Weight tolerance +/- 6%.

Additional Information



2 reviews for Severne Alien HD V1

  1. Kevin Frost (verified owner)

    Just purchased the Alien 145 hd and redwing 1400 foil from Neil at Severneshop. First impressions, WOW !!. Was expecting a heavyish lump of a board compared to the carbon version, but to my surprise , along side Neils carbon 125 Alien its still really light, almost exactly the same aesthetically and looks no bigger. Not gotten to try it yet, but really looking forward to it and will post my findings as soon as. Haven’t ever foiled before so my review will be from a complete beginner ,late to the party , but better late than never . Bring on the 12-15 kt summer breezes.

  2. Kevin Frost (verified owner)

    So as promised, three sessions in now on the Alien 145 hd, and beginning to enjoy this new (for me ) exciting sport.
    I’m learning at Alton water , Suffolk, so super gusty, super fluky but safe and relatively flat , with ENE cross on winds yesterday. Could I improve on previous sessions, first three hours (NO), I was awful, standing upright ,front foot just in front of the footstrap same as previously, what was going wrong. Sat and watched the others as they flew back and forth in the straps ,hooked in.
    Right ,as nervous as I was , at this time, lifting up and down out of the water was becoming more of a wooooooh, rather than a arrrrrrh, so I put my front foot in the strap, still not hooked in yet though, not bothering with harness yet, finding it gets in the way and scratches the board when clambering back on board, beared of a tad in a lovely gust and went for it. Game changer for me, one of those Geronimo moments when you feel something special has just occurred. I flew for what must of been 100 mtrs, bit up and down, but no touch downs. Being in the front strap, gave me that leverage needed to not only control the lift and fall , but the lateral wobbling I was having problems with.
    Really starting to enjoy this now after the initial s##t the pants feeling. The 145 gives me that super stable platform to tack (quickly) as not much volume up front but still small and compact enough to feel exciting when flying.
    On and upwards (excuse the pun) , both straps , harness and gybing it before the end of summer. Big ask but something to really aim for.
    Time to hand back the super 6m Foil Glide I’ve been trying out from Neil. Cheers mate, lovely sail, low end grunt and so stable and light in the hands.
    Great little board, matched with the impressive Redwing 1400 foil.

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