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Severne Dyno V3


(2 customer reviews)


  • Next Delivery May 21 for th 95ltr
  • Earlier Planing Than the v2
  • Faster Than The v2

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Product Description

The Severne Dyno is the go-to board for all-round windsurfing conditions. Multiple tuning options and innovative design solutions transform any day on the water into one to remember.

Ease and progression

The incredible ease, control and versatility have given the Dyno a reputation as the ultimate all-rounder. Balanced volume distribution and a compact outline create a stable platform from which to progress. Whether you’re looking to master blasting control, make more gybes or venture into waves, the Dyno and its multiple configuration options will take you all the way.


Faster rocker lines and increased volume under foot make the Dyno super early planing and keep it charging through gusts, lulls and planing gybes.
The compact size enables real use of all that speed – the Dyno is more than just capable in the air, it is a jumping machine. Aerial rotations, freestyle moves and straight up rocket air on demand.

Parallel rails are very effective at reducing drag and increasing speed, so it allows the addition of some manoeuvre enhancing tail kick. This makes the Dyno much more than just a bump & jump blasting board – it can drive through turns on the rail, making the most of any onshore or real world waves.
With the new outline and increased lift at the front, the Dyno becomes even more versatile. It’s able to handle steeper sections on waves without nose-diving and also catch less when hammering through nasty chop.

The Severne Dyno is the board to upgrade your everyday windsurfing conditions to maximum fun.

85225.5 cm57.5 cm6.56 kg4.5 – 6.02 x 125 + 1 x 210280 FSW Series
95224 cm59.5 cm6.77 kg4.7 – 6.52 x 125 + 1 x 200280 FSW Series
105225 cm62.0 cm7.18 kg5.0 – 7.02 x 125 + 1 x 230320 FSW Series
115226 cm64.5 cm7.41 kg5.3 – 7.52 x 125 + 1 x 250340 FSW Series
125335 cm69.5 cm7.8 kg5.5 – 8.52 x 125 + 1 x 270380 FSW Series
Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Weight tolerance +/- 6%.

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2 reviews for Severne Dyno V3

  1. Dderry (verified owner)

    Well worth the wait.
    Took delivery of the V3 Dyno 95 last week, just in time for 3 days of wind and waves. Its so much more fun than my old 92L wave board. It just hops over white water waves and glides through choppy turns which might have tripped the old board. Felt like the fastest board on the water – quick to plane and then add in the confidence that it’s not going to catch & you can really lock in. Slight change in my technique needed to keep it pointing well when overpowered on a 5.6 (needs less pressure on back foot through the fin and some edge on windward rail). But then tracked upwind well.
    Feels much more buoyant under foot, so kept going & could stay in the straps for longer during lulls. Turns well on the waves, but floats like a larger board – how does that work?
    All in all a very flattering board which made me feel like a better sailor. Top result.

  2. russell thornton

    Moving from a 2017 Fanatic STB 105 to the Dyno V3 105 was a revelation. Just as quick to plane, way faster (STB felt very limited when overpowered causing sails to overpower therefore not feeling light in the hands), no spin outs (STB was awful) gybes really well and more conventionally than the STB. Great board for jumping, def doesn’t feel like 105L certainly capable of big air tabletops etc. Haven’t tried it with twin straps, but I’m sure with the speed it has that will be perfect for summer blasting when the waves don’t make themselves available.

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