Terms & Conditions

SeverneShop is an independent retailer and not associated with Severne Sails in any way. All offers, warranties, deals, and returns must be directed to Severneshop Ltd and not Severne Sails.

Website maintenance

SeverneShop does its best to maintain the products on the website, but reserves the right to withdraw any product at any time from sale without notice.

Payments and Refunds

SeverneShop accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, cash and SeverneShop Gift Vouchers. We do not accept cheques in any form. With Paypal payments it is essential you follow the instructions on the PayPal website to ensure your order is processed properly. Failure to do this will result in your order not showing on our system and delays being incurred and we will accept no claims for late delivery in these cases. For payments over £1,500 made by credit card, a 2% charge will be made to cover our charges and will be charged at the management’s discretion.

Out of stock

In the event of a customer ordering a product previously sold, SeverneShop will not process the payment but cannot be held liable for compensation.


SeverneShop offer tutorials on our website for guidance only. We cannot be held liable for any injuries or losses incurred from watching our tutorials. We also offer direct phone advice from our team of riders who can advise you on what to buy. This advice is for guidance only and they cannot be held responsible for any advice given.

10-day exchange

The 10-day exchange offer allows you to exchange your chosen product for another product no less than 75% of the original purchase price, provided the initial product is still in its original packaging and undamaged. Upto a £40 charge will always be applied to cover handling and postage. The management reserve the right to decline this offer on the grounds of unfair return.

Free UK mainland only delivery and shipping

We will send items out only once. If there is no one there to accept the parcel and the shipping company return the parcel to us, then the second shipping charge will be payable by the customer. If an item is returned for exchange, any further shipping costs will be charged to the customer. We will deliver the item after the second shipping charge has been paid for.

We offer free UK mainland only delivery on any product sold over £200.00. This offer is a 3-4 day delivery service administered by a third party. Boards are excluded from this offer to keep our prices as competitive as possible. New full price boards still have free delivery. We do not guarantee delivery within this period and cannot be held liable if the product takes longer up to a limit of 21 days.

The upgrade delivery service is administered by TNT/ Fed Ex and any claims must be made against them regarding late delivery or damage.

We can deliver to addresses off the UK mainland but at an extra cost. Please refer to the item for the additional delivery cost or call our shop on +44 (0)1362 851590 for details. For international shipping please call our shop and we can quote on a ‘case by case’ basis.

Data Protection Act

SeverneShop operate within the Data Protection Act, and therefore will not pass on your details to any other party.

3 year warranty

SeverneShop exclusively offer a 3 year warranty on all new Severne sails. The warranty is underwritten by ourselves and Severne Sails is in no way liable for any warranty claim after 1 year of Date Of Purchase. For full details of this offer refer to the sticker on every sail supplied, or call our staff on +44 (0)1362 851590.

Cashback offer details

Our cashback offer only applies to selected products which will specifically say that it has a cashback attached to it. You will pay SeverneShop the online price plus delivery if applicable. We will then send you a cheque to the billing address for the cashback amount. Cheques will not be sent to any other address other than the billing address. Cashback offers are only open to customers who join our discount club by logging in and having a valid password. Duplicate cheques cannot be issued for any reason. For further details please contact Nikki at SeverneShop.


Please note only Neil Greentree at SeverneShop can authorise any refunds. A receipt will always be required before any refund is made. For mail order and website sales a copy of the receipt must first be sent to SeverneShop for validation prior to the product being returned to us. We will then contact you to arrange the refund. We reserve the right to refuse a refund once the product has been returned to us. We will always explain how we came to our decision with you.

Items returned without fault will be credited with gift vouchers to the value paid minus any shipping costs.