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Neil Greentree Severne Team Rider

Call Neil Greentree - K636

07515 553535

Severne Sails, Starboard Boards, Masts, Booms

Neil has been a leading rider in the UK since 2006, sailing all Severne sails and hardware since then. His ability to appraise the kit and then pass that knowledge on to others is well documented both on YouTube and in editorial write ups. He's experienced in Slalom racing both in the UK and Internationally, and for 8 years was Principal of Team QSW, the UK’s leading Windsurf race and Demo team. Neil currently sails Severne S-1 Pro's, Blade's, NCX, UNIT's and Turbo's alongside Starboard boards and Severne boards. For advice on all things Severne or Starboard Neil probably has more experience and knowledge than most in Europe.

Andy Holland Severne Team Rider

Call Andy Holland

07767 606761

Severne Wave & Race Sails, RRD boards and SuP's

Andy Holland is one of those great allrounders, excelling in Speed sailing, wave sailing and Freestyle.The experience Andy has gained since starting windsurfing in 1993 is invaluable and he now plays a leading role in the Severneshop Team as a Senior Advisor to Severneshop customers. Andy sails S-1 Pro's, Overdrive's and Reflex's, together with RRD boards and SuP's. If you want advice on the wave sails, race sails and anything RRD - Andy is your man.

Steve Chatten Severne Team Rider

Call Steve Chatten

07768 882195

Severne Gator, Race Sails, Fanatic & RRD Boards

Steve Chatten has sailed Severne sails since 2008 competing in Slalom racing in the UK and free sailing with Neil all around the world. He has experience of sailing Overdrives, Turbo’s and NCX’s but it's Gators he is the expert in. Steve’s knowledge of the Gator range has evolved since their initial release in 2008 to date and there are not many sailors who understand these popular sails better than him. Steve also uses both Fanatic boards and RRD boards so can advise on both these brands.

Jonny Gamball Severne Team Rider

Call Jonny 'Flaka' Gamball

07794 500986

Freestyle kit, Severne Freek, Fanatic Boards

Being 16, Jonny is our ‘Young Gun’ and specialises in Freestyle sailing. He uses Freek sails together with Fanatic boards. Jonny also does Severneshop's social media coverage so loves talking windsurfing to everyone. He is still building his knowledge of the Severne range of sails but call him for advice on the best Freestyle kit for you.

Jonny 'Utah' Fanneran Severne Team Rider

Call Jonny 'Utah' Fanneran

07943 551947

Severne Blade, RDM 90 masts, Severne Nano

Jonny joined our team in 2016 but has been windsurfing for over 20 years. He is considered by team boss Neil to be one of the UK's most rounded sailors; being a top flight wave and aerial sailor and a competent freestyler. Jon uses Severne Blade sails and a Nano board, RDM 90 masts and Enigma boom. Jon is a very easy guy to chat to regarding all levels of windsurfing and his knowledge is extensive. His home beaches are Overcombe and Kimmeridge, and on the right forecast, Bigbury and Gwithian.