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Cyclops Pro Wave Aluminium Extension



  • Single loop-go pulley
  • Efficient pulley alignment
  • New stainless steel automatic collar
  • Stainless steel button and mechanism
  • Zero cm setting

Faster, simpler rigging.

Product Description

Rig your sail in under 1 minute

The Cyclops extension has a single pulley for rapid loop ‘n go rigging.  Simply pass the loop of rope through the tack pulley on the sail and hook it over the single pulley on the extension. A single pull applies full downhaul tension in seconds.

All the ropes and pulleys are kept in perfect alignment to eliminate a lot of the friction and makes up for any loss of leverage from less pulleys. A built-in handle negates the need for any tool, and stuff into the downhaul pocket on the sail.

Formuline rope is used to further reduce friction and minimise rope wear.

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